Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hope Everyone Is Enjoying the Memorial Day Weekend!

The weather has been super here. Could be a little warmer but I am glad it isn't raining! I should be shopping aound for some flowers for my window boxes, maybe do that tomorrow. I wish a truck full of flowers would pull in our driveway like they showed on the Oprah show once. They went to an apartment complex and filled up all the window boxes and planters.....courtesy of the 'Oprah Show'. It was a show about "Making a Difference" or something similar to that. They did a beautiful job with the window boxes and planters, they all looked so colorful and lush. BUT, in 'real life' it is up to "us" to get the job done! Just took a quick peek.. and no truck yet...but it's nice to dream! :)


  1. Sorry, Mary...the truck came here instead! LOL
    I haven't planted my window boxes yet..maybe by the weekend. Have to clean everything outside first, and we are still getting killed with the pollen. I left my black sandals on the porch last night and they are covered with green pollen today!

  2. Kathleen...any chance of that truck heading north? I'd be willing to wait a few more days to plant my window boxes! :)
    We have the pollen problem all summer it seems. The table and chairs on the porch needs wiping every day!