Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tree Is Up.....Finally!

I usually put this tree up in the dining room as it is a slim one and works well there. I went in a small shop last year and they had a tree all decorated in these flowers. It was so pretty and had that Victorian look that I like so I ended up buying the assorted flowers. Even though my tree is a 7 1/2ft. slim tree, it took LOTS more of those flowers than I realized. I ended up going back to the store two more times to get more flowers! And the cost.......well I won't go there! LOL! They were on sale but still cost plenty so I may be using them for many years although they would look nice in a large arrangement also. I'm not sure how much more I will do this year. In years past I would put up alot of garland, etc. but I am getting less ambitious as the years go by!


  1. Gorgeous tree :) Very beautiful, you did a fantastic job! Getting close to the big day, too! Love the first pic, reflecting in the mirror!

    I know what you mean about less ambitious!

  2. Dishesdone...Thank you! Yes, the time is flying by so fast; it is hard to believe it is so close!