Sunday, March 1, 2009

February......can't say I'm sorry to see you go.....

and looking forward to having March whiz by too. It came in like a lamb though so does that mean going out like a lion?
I was so happy to finally receive this spring wreath yesterday that I ordered a month or so ago, and due to being out of stock, was on backorder. I love it, and as soon as I get some new wallpaper for my entrance/office, it will be going on the wall! I have bead board part way up the wall so I won't need much paper. Is wallpaper even "in" now? I like it though and only have it in that one room. Paper is getting hard to find in my area. Our paint store is the only one that has it. Now to find some that I really like!


  1. Hi!
    Nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by my blog...I see you are another who likes to play with dishes!
    Be sure to come back...big St Pat's Party on the 17th, I'd love to have you come!
    Pretty wreath!
    I just hung my Irish bonnet on the door today, and now we are having a Nor'Easter!!!Snow on my Shamrocks...♣♣

  2. Hi Kathleen.... glad you stopped by! Your blog is great. Your tablesettings and food have always been out of this world! You "know" me from the Holiday forum, but it has been quite some time since I have posted there and now I have started this blog which I am enjoying so much.
    Drop by again..

  3. Mary! I just went back and saw your name on your email, and put it together!
    I am so happy to run into you! I still post there, once winter is over I won't have as much time...but until then..
    So good to see you and I will be back! Come visit me too!

  4. Hi Mary, just stopping by to say hello...We got 15 in of snow today..ugh!

  5. It is pretty! I make my own wreaths for Christmas. I even made a wooden Valentine once that resembles the logo of Dallas Love Field, the hq for Southwest Airlines! A year later, my husband was hired by Southwest! How awesome is that, huh?

  6. Kathleen, sorry you got all of that snow! March came in rather quiet in my area and I am hoping that the weather this month will be nice and quiet...and warm!! It seems I am hearing the birds singing more though, so that is encouraging!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Wow Chandy, that was pretty neat! The wreath sounds awesome.
    Thanks for stopping in...

  8. Mary, that sounds high, did it include shipping?
    I have one that size...I know I didn't pay that much..
    My email is listed on my any time you have a question, and if I can help I would be happy to!
    If you email me I can send you a pic of mine and you can see if it is the same..

  9. Mary, I found this one, free shipping...
    my email lilmicshayatyahoodotcom

  10. Thanks so much Kathleen! I sent you an email and have ordered the tart pan. Yaaay!!