Friday, March 27, 2009


Finally, it is here! I was beginning to wonder if we would ever see it. It sure took its time it seems. I was in the mood for something bright and spring looking for the table so used my yellow dishes. The placemats, birds, and the container for the yellow tulips are all sage green. The true color doesn't show in this picture, they look more blue here. The yellow dishes were purchased thirty years ago and I have never tired of them. I did pack them away for a year or so to make room for some dishes I had bought at a garage sale that I wanted to start using; but soon sold them and started using these yellow ones again. The color just seems to be uplifting. I have different sets of dishes but use these as everyday dishes.........just never tire of the yellow even though I don't have much yellow in the house except for these dishes.


  1. That one is pretty too! You should really join in Tablescape Thursdays..really! you have lovely things..

  2. Thank you Kathleen! I have thought about joining TT,but maybe in the future. A friend had a stroke and I have been taking her to doctor appintments, etc. I love looking at all the beautiful settings that are posted...and yours is at the top of the list!

  3. Mary, I have missed you! Is everything ok?
    Do join in the TTH when you have such lovely tables and you should share them!!
    Come visit so I know you are well!

  4. Hi Kathleen... thank you for dropping by and for your concern! Everything is ok but the time has really been flying by. Hopefully I can post some tablesettings and also some yummy recipes that I have come across in some magazines.
    Thanks for stopping by and please come again! Now I am off to visit your blog! :)